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All Grass Types

All Grass Types

  1. All American

    All American

    Our All American series is the Summer Premier grass. Designed for areas with medium to high traffic, the Summer Premier Series is a perfect choice for commercial and residential applications. It sports a beautiful Spring green and olive blades with green thatch. Summer Premier offers a lush 1 ¾” blade height, achieving the perfectly plush manicured look has never been easier withthis american green on green synthetic grass.
  2. Kentucky Blue Series

    Kentucky Blue Series

    Kentucky Blue is a beautiful Field & fescue green with & Brown Thatch. Available in 4 different face weights. Perfect for Front Yards, Back Yards, Pets, and commercial applications. Kentucky blue Grass 88 offers an exceptionally plush feel with vibrant 2” grass blades designed to have a durable open ‘W’ grass blade shape for superior performance. With a face weight of 88 oz., this durable synthetic grass also features an extremely strong backing where each grass blade is reinforced through advanced tuft bind technology. The backing is also perforated for drainage and U.V. technology helps prevent your turf from fading even in the sunny, desert climate. Guaranteed to last for years to come, Kentucky blue Grass 88 is the ideal synthetic grass for most applications. It is also available in 80 oz., 60 oz. and 40 oz. face weights.
  3. Daytona Series

    Daytona Series

    Our Best Seller! Available in 2 face weights, Daytona is the perfect landscaping alternative to natural grass. Moderate traffic commercial or residential properties will benefit from its year-round beauty and durability. One of our best sellers – Daytona Series has an extremely natural appearance and soft fiber. It features a field and olive-green grass blade combination. It is a perfect landscape alternative for any commercial or residential property that experiences moderate traffic.
  4. Pacifico Series

    Pacifico Series

    Pacifico’s lush field and fescue green with brown thatch create the look of a tropical oasis. Perfect for areas with moderate traffic. Pacifico is a superb choice to create a lush tropical oasis in areas with moderate traffic. It’s thick with rich dual-toned field and spring green grass blades and highlighted with a natural brown thatch layer.
  5. Pet Paradise

    Pet Paradise

    Pet Paradise, designed for easy maintenance and its field and olive green thatch stays beautiful all year long. Great for pet runs, doggy daycare facilities or other high traffic areas. Always green and easy to maintain, Pet Paradise is perfect for pets and people. A field and olive color with green thatching creates beautiful year-round lawn. Advanced drainage makes clean-ups a breeze. Use with ZEOFIL infill material to neutralize pet odors. You don’t need a pet to enjoy Pet Paradise turf!
  6. American Dream

    American Dream

    Designed for areas with medium to high traffic, the American Dream Series is a perfect choice for commercial and residential applications. It sports a beautiful field green and olive blades with green and tan thatch. The American Dream Series offers a lush 1 ¾” blade height and realistic thatch. Well suited for areas of medium to high traffic. Achieving the perfectly plush manicured look has never been easier with the American Dream 75 synthetic grass.
  7. Golf/Putting Series

    Golf/Putting Series

    The Synthetic Grass Store has everything you need to create your own custom golf area or putting green. Choose one of our quality turfs and professional padding to find your perfect roll and be the envy of all your neighbors!
  8. Rye Series

    Rye Series

    Our Rye Series has the natural appearance and added softness to be a perfect choice for many commercial and residential applications. Medium to high traffic is no problem for these durable and versatile grasses! Summer Rye features dual shades of field and olive-green grass, Fresh Rye features a natural green grass. Both shaped into a diamond de-lustered extruded mold for added softness. The 1 ¾” blades and delicate tan thatch layer make your landscape lush and soft under foot. An excellent choice for a natural appearance in medium to high traffic areas.
  9. Tahiti


    Tahiti 68 is a great choice for any front or backyard application. Versatile and beautiful with field green and olive with green and tan thatch. Tahiti 68 the right choice for homeowners who are seeking a well-manicured look for their lawn.